May 23rd

10:30 AM - 11:45 AM




Our fitness bootcamps alternate between bodyweight calisthenics, plyometrics and other equipment, i.e medicine balls, resistance bands, agility ladders. Each bootcamp focuses on a different muscle group in order to achieve real results and to prevent injuries. Our program is designed to tone muscle and maximize fat loss. All classes take place in a high-energy and encouraging environment. The studio, motivating music, and inspiring instructor will motivate you to run, lift, and work harder than ever before.


10:30-10:45 AM


10:45-11:00 AM


11:00-11:15 AM


11:15-11:25 AM


11:25-11:30 AM




What is the daily time comittment I should expect?

To fully experience the course in all its depth, it is recommended to set aside 1.5-2 hours per day, with one day per week off.

What if I cannot attend some of the live sessions?

No worries- all live sessions will be recorded and you can access them at any time.

Will this course enable me to be a teacher of Holistic Somatic Healing®?

Yes, this course enables you to become a teacher of Holistic Somatic Healing with a focus on Integrative Pelvic Health®. To obtain the full Advanced Faciltator Certificate in Holistic Somatic Healing, you also need to complete the Medicine Woman Retreat and Womb Bliss Breath Training (new dates to be announced). However, just by completing this course, you will be able to start a client practice and provide a broad range of pelvic health and womb healing practices to women, both in group and 1-on-1 settings.

What do you mean when you say this course is "research-based"?

The term "research-based" refers to the fact that all teachings in this course rest on knowledge derived from clinical experience, academic publishing and advanced education. This lends a flow and structure to the course which makes the material concise and easy to integrate. The anatomy modules are based on the natural shapes and vectors of the body that have been studied over the past 40 years in modern anatomy, and constitute a distinct field of study on its own that nourishes whole body health. In the same way, the shamanic dream journey and teaching methodology components rest on best practices in modern shamanic study and professional holistic education.

What makes this training program different from others?

This program rests on best practices from decades of research in anatomy, self-empowered bodywork, dream journeying and teaching methodology, crafted to create professional facilitators who are equipped with comprehensive skills. While many training courses offer memorable inner experiences, they may not focus on the methodical teaching skills needed to become an outstanding practitioner. Similarly, other courses may focus on body energetics without offering the kind of in-depth, structured knowledge of anatomy needed to build our work on strong foundations. The Integrative Pelvic Health® Facilitator Training rests on three core pillars that draw on four decades of teaching and education experience within bodywork and inner journeying. The program's foundation has been influenced and built by senior professionals in the fields of Anatomy of Movement®, Fascia Research, Osteopathy, Women's Perineum & Movement ® Practice, Dream Shamanism and Clinical Practice. It is a full-spectrum program of research-based knowledge, designed to empower the next generation of Pelvic Embodiment and Womb Healing leaders.

Who will be my clients once I complete this course?

There is an immense need for precise pevlic work and womb healing among women in all life stages. Pelvic professionals who are trained from the starting point of anatomy and do not base their work in some way on massage, energy healing or yoga are exceedingly rare. This is why the knowledge provided in a research-based program is a valuable asset. By learning a specific set of exercises that purely follow the anatomical shapes of the body (rather than being influenced by massage or other movement practices), you can support others to build radiant health in a distinctly self-sufficient, pleasurable and embodied way, resting your work on comprehensive body knowledge. Combined with a knowledge of dream journeying and womb healing, this program equips you with both grounded body-based practices and intuitive tools to accompany women in varying stages— whether they are preparing for or recovering from pregnancy, deepening their pleasure, reclaiming their bodies or connecting with the divine feminine.

What is Self-Empowered Bodywork and what makes it unique?

Self-empowered bodywork guides us through an inside-out awarness of our pelvis and body, cultivating tools that last a lifetime without depending on special settings or gurus. Traditional treatments taking place in separate therapy settings or without conscious integration into broader physical structures may become one-off moments for the body, rather than cultivating the radiant long-term health many are seeking.

That is why inner sensory discovery and anatomy-based movements are so vital. These practices create a methodical inside-out body awareness, strategically designed to integrate into daily life— making the individual feel that she herself is affecting change from within. This grounds us into a new power to communicate, shift and journey into the layers of our body. Self-empowered bodywork also aligns deeply with the feminine principle which guides to fully know, trust and enjoy our own bodies.

Will my client practice be limited to my region, or can I reach clients living elsewhere?

Since this modality does not depend on physical adjustments and instead promotes self-empowered bodywork, you can not only work with clients near you but with women across the country and beyond, allowing your practice to grow regardless of location. As the program rests on research in established methods like Anatomy of Movement® which affect profound change through the client's own actions, you have accees to a vast repertoire of practices that do not ask for physical adjustment. This not only creates a deep sense of empowerment for women based on their own body agency, but also allows you to share your expertise with a client base across the world.